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Smart Socket ®
Blank Lid

£7.23 +VAT
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This is the Smart Socket you need if you want to fit your own custom connector. Smart Socket kits are shipped complete with all the necessary screws and full fitting instructions.

This Smart Socket kit includes a blank front lid that can be machined to take a custom connector of your choice. When using this Smart Socket, be sure to check that there is enough space inside the Smart Socket for the connector you are going to use. All Smart Sockets are injection moulded in tough, resilient ABS and comprise of 3 parts, the body, lid and clamp. Kits are shipped with all the necessary screws to assemble them along with full fitting instructions. Smart Sockets are designed for use with standard, 48.3 mm outside diameter aluminium scaffold tubing; to fit them you only need to drill a single 16 mm hole in one wall of the tube. Then, simply press the Smart Socket into place and tighten the 2 self tapping screws; you can then install the wiring for your lighting bar.