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Proudly manufacturing an extensive range of electrical products in the UK for the entertainment industry.

Smart Socket ®

15A / 13A Black

This is the Smart Socket you need if your installation uses 15 Amp (round pin) or 13 Amp (rectangular pin) socket outlets. Smart Socket kits are shipped complete with all the...

Lighting Bar Termination...

End Box Standard

This end box is designed to fit onto the end of your lighting bar. It is supplied complete with all necessary terminals for up to 12 circuits and has an internal clamp to  attach...

Power Connectors

15A Connector White

This 15A socket outlet is available in black or white and is used mainly for stage lighting dimmer outlets in the UK. The socket conforms to British Standard (BS)546 and is a...

Lighting Bar Accessories

End Cap Black

This end cap fits on the end your lighting bar giving a neat and safe finish. This end cap is moulded in grey ABS and push fits into the end of your lighting bar. It is designed...

Bespoke & Custom

Complementing our extensive range of UK-made products for the stage lighting industry, we manufacture and supply many bespoke items to other companies and venues in the entertainment industry:

Custom Facility Panels

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