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15A Connector

This 15A socket outlet is available in black or white and is used mainly for stage lighting dimmer outlets in the UK. The socket conforms to British Standard (BS)546 and is a compatible replacement for most types of round 15A sockets.

This 15A / 230V AC socket is moulded in heat resistant thermosetting material and has safety shutters to to cover the live and neutral terminals when not in use. Designed to accept 15A round (3) pin plugs it conform fully to British standard (BS) 546 and is a fully compatible replacement for earlier versions.

UnitsPrice per unit
1+Black: £7.92Colour: £7.92
10+Black: £7.13Colour: £7.13
50+Black: £6.34Colour: £6.34
100+Black: £5.54Colour: £5.54
15A Connector White15A Connector Back15A Connector Front15A Connector Black15A Connector Back15A Connector Front
£7.92 +VAT
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