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Proudly manufacturing in the UK, an extensive range of electrical products for the stage lighting industry.

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Custom Facility Panels

Custom Facility Panels

Complementing our extensive range of UK-made products for the stage lighting industry, we manufacture and supply many bespoke items to other companies and venues in the entertainment industry. From an ever-growing global customer base, we are proud to enjoy a great reputation.

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Smart Socket®

Smart socket

The industry standard product in the entertainment lighting field, worldwide! A versatile electrical socket outlet enclosure designed specifically for use on internally wired stage lighting bars.

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Smart Clamp®

Widget of the year 2007 Smart Clamp

Embodying the spirit of innovation -
a product to replace the conventional hook clamp used to hang equiqment from lighting bars, allowing stage lighting laterns to be easily rigged.

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Smart connectors

Standard white or discrete black for performance spaces. Entertainment lighting connectors in 15A, 16A and 13A to fit our Smart Socket product range or to upgrade your venue.

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