The Wyndhams Theatre, London - Production lighting facility panels.

Named after Charles Wyndham, a highly respected actor of his time, the Wyndhams Theatre had its grand opening in November 1899. The theatre's architect was William Sprague who at the time was at the peak of his career. The Wyndham's was the first West End theatre designed by Sprague in his own right and is still considered a theatrical gem today.

July 2008 saw specialist electrical contractor Fagan Electrical carrying out extensive electrical work at the Wyndhams installing new wiring an production lighting facility panels throughout. Robolights involvement was to manufacture and wire all the bespoke panels for the project. A number of these panels were carefully designed so as to be as discrete as possible fitting within the confines of the balcony fronts. Fagan Electricals design called for a number of very narrow units containing Socapex, 13A power, video and Ethernet connections providing all the necessary services whilst lending with the building. Other production lighting panels provided 16A outlets for dimmed stage lighting, Socapex style multipin connectors, technical power outlets and a number of 5kW dimmed circuits.

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