The Salisbury Playhouse, UK - Production lighting facility panels.

The Salisbury Playhouse was built in 1976 and is currently the only producing theatre in Wiltshire. In 2006/7 the theatre expanded with the addition of a community and education space along with a new rehearsal room. July 2008 saw specialist electrical contractor Fagan Electrical carrying out extensive electrical work at the Playhouse. The project included new production lighting facility panels, working light controls and internally wired stage lighting bars and booms. Robolights contribution to the project was to manufacture and pre-wire all facility panels for the project ready for installation. The project called for some 50+ bespoke panels each incorporating a variety of Socapex style multi-pin connectors and 15A outlets for the stage lighting circuits along with technical power and lighting control outlets. Robolights Smart Sockets were also the client's choice of socket outlet for several new lighting bars and booms also installed as part of the project.

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